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The Challenge

Search engines, when used as a resource for research and learning, are inefficient, misleading and diluted by paid for results or ads. They are great for the one-off answer, but inadequate for meaningful research and learning.   →

The Solution

Our Social learning platform allows users to experience a more productive learning environment, free from the distractions of search engines, the staleness of wiki and the trolling of forums.  →

The Journey

We are bringing together the most creative, inspiring and knowledgble people to share and evolve topical content. This means you!   →

The Reward

Throughout the entire journey every user will be rewarded in several ways for contributing and helping shape the wealth of knowledge on a topic through videos, articles and image stories.  →

Merging the best of the internet into a learning platform

Joticle is a platform that brings together the best of the internet for and from educators, experts, students and hobbyists.

A platform that aggregates the best content of the internet for topics, and allows experts and educators to contribute to more productive learning environment and interact with students and hobbyists.
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The Outcome
Endless Possibilities

Help Us Change How We All Explore Topics

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